Try Nostr Names with SixT9

Nostr is an open protocol to create a censorship resistant global social network. NIP-69 Nostr Names is our proposal to bring globally unique BNS names to Nostr.

Try NIP-69 Nostr Names with SixT9

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About SixT9

SixT9 is based on Damus, an open source, Twitter-like iOS Nostr client created by jb55  and widely considered to be the best in the ecosystem. To make it easier for users who are not iOS developers to try out NIP-69 Nostr Names, we have created an experimental build of this client  called “SixT9” that includes our preliminary support for NIP-69 Nostr Names. You can join the TestFlight to install SixT9 on your iPhone, iPad or Mac by signing up above.

We intend to submit our work on from the SixT9 fork as a pull request back to original project for consideration. We do  NOT intend to submit SixT9 to the App Store and encourage you to use and support the original project.