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How to link your .btc name to Nostr with

Larry Salibra

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A few days, ago I shared my proposal for bring globally unique names to Nostr. The most frequently asked question was, "How do I link my .btc name to my Nostr account's public key?"

To make it easier for existing .btc name owners to link their name to their Nostr account, I've made a quick and dirty fork of BNS registration client and added support for adding your Nostr public key. It's called Sign in with your .btc name and add your 64 character, hex-formatted pub key to your name.

For those that don't yet have a .btc name or wish to buy a new one specifically for Nostr, you can buy a new name through and link it to your Nostr public key all at the same time. It will cost you roughly 2 STX - less than US$1 at the time of writing. Sending 3 STX to the account you wish to buy the name with should be enough with some to spare.

You'll send two transactions, a preorder and register transaction. To be safe, you should wait until the preorder transaction confirms...which should happen momentarily after the next bitcoin block, before sending the register transaction.

Please keep in mind that this is entirely untested, experimental software, likely has bugs and that you use it at your own risk.

Using the correct public key

To successfully link your .btc name, you'll need to use the 64 character hex formatted public key. If you only have the version of the public key that starts with npub you can convert it to hex with this tool.

Try it out

Once you've linked your name, grab a Nostr client that supports NIP-69 names, such as SixT9, our test version of iOS Nostr client Damus, and try it out.

To ask me questions about this or share your thoughts, find me on Nostr npub132w0sg64x08h2klxvytsamgcu63qqmk8d2yv8ltay8nvzwahk6wsyg2j8n, tweet at me @larrysalibra, message me @larry in the Nostr telegram group.

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