New Internet Extension

The New Internet Extension is a testbed for technology being developed for our upcoming browser. It includes an experimental, opt-in trust minimization sandbox that makes sure web apps that opt-in Can’t Be Evil.

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IntroducingA new security model for the web

The web was designed in an era before digital surveillance, online ads and tracking. The result was a security model where visiting a simple web page tells a large part of the corporate world who you are and what you’re up to. The New Internet Extension takes a step towards a better security model with version v1 of a the Can’t Be Evil Sandbox.

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Let’s make the web user-centric again

When users load up a web app, they expect that their data will be private.

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Get your apps ready for the user-centric future

Install the New Internet Extension and start updating your app

No 3rd party assets

Put an end to images and scripts auto-loaded from 3rd parties stalking you around the web.

No more cookie popups.

Removes the legacy tracking technology.

Opt-in with HTTP header

App developers can opt-in to the sandbox by setting an HTTP header: can't-be-evil: true

Backwards compatible

Apps opting-in to v1 of the Can’t Be Evil Sandbox are backward compatible with the legacy web.